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Challenging global epidemic impacts through utilization of modern technological solutions for surveying

The whole world is facing the impacts of the Covid -19 global epidemic and our country is no exception. As a result precautionary measures were taken by the government towards controlling the spread of the virus. This led to impose curfew and other restrictions which resulted in implementing a lockdown in our country.

Operations of almost all the industries were affected drastically due to the precationery measures taken to combat the spread of the virus which resulted in an economic downfall.  As a result the operational works of the construction sector were also limited in an extreme scale. As a construction company, we also faced many challenges on our way forward while complying with the health regulations enforced by the government.

However, as a leading construction company in Sri Lanka, we always engage with modern technology to provide a quality services to our clients.  About 3 year ago, use of robotic surveying instrument was implemented to be used at our company and this provided a great advantage in engaging surveying work during the lockdown period. We managed to complete assigned surveying work within the allocated time period which helped in avoiding delays to the work in progress of construction work.  Usually, surveying work cannot be done without helpers. The surveyor’s helpers are especially skilled workers, who have to perform special tasks in order to ensure the accuracy of the surveying results. Although the number of workers attending to work was limited during lockdown period the use of robotic surveying instrument enabled completion of surveying work conveniently & efficiently while meeting the said time targets.

This equipment can rotate by itself and find the reflecting target where it is located. Therefore, once the instrument is setup on a control point, there is no need of a person to operate it from there, but can perform tasks far from it by using a Bluetooth enabledd controller. With less amount of human capital involvement this instrument allows to complete the work easily even within a limited timeframe.

This newer robotic total station has software which indicates the information on a Windows CE platform allowing the survoyers to enage in decision making in an effective approach. Therefore, whenever surveys are conducted to measure a point, the location of the new point can be displayed on a map along with other points providing the greatest advantage to the surveyor to perform the work on a effective and efficient manner.

In comparison with the older instruments this instrument provides wide range of information at the site itself since the instruments used previously is time consuming as office work needs to be done separately. This leads to benefit the operations to be performed successfully with limited number of resources at any given place.

However, along with the rapid technological advancements new technological upgrades are available such as the RTK, also known as Real Time Kinetic surveying method, which is based on GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology. This can be used to obtain better performance by replacing the currently utilized robotic surveying instrument to get more accurate results in efficient manner. Therefore this emphasizes the importance of considering the technological advancements and upgrades which provide value addition for the operational procedures as it will allow performing the work at any challenging time period in the most efficient manner.

Content Submitted by Mr. Nilusha Hemal Alahakoon

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