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Design And Construction Of Beira Lake Bridge And Associated Works, Justice Akbar Mawatha, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka

In the centre of Colombo’s most exclusive of locales, is set to stand a pinnacle of luxurious living. Cinnamon Life (Waterfront) is all about living life just the way you want – comfortable and convenient with a touch of the extraordinaire. An icon for Sri Lanka, Waterfront is the first project of its kind in the capital city of Colombo owned by JOHN KEELLS HOLDINGS PLC. Situated in land covered three sides from Beria Lake where the previous Ceylon cold stores (Elephant Hose Products) has located. The scheme includes a 6 star hotel, apartment blocks, large retail centre, office buildings and car parks and Army more. UDA Liner Park has designed both banks of Beira Lake under Beira Lake Intervention Area Development Plan. Indeed it is city in the city and bridges is required over the Beira Lake as main access to this multi development and connect both sides of UDA Liner Park.

Access Engineering PLc, being recognized for pioneer in the construction of Flyovers and bridges, was awarded Design and Construction of Beira Lake Bridge including associated works in mind 2016. The Bridge has more than 50m length and 35m width having six lanes over the Beira Lake from old Army Headquarters entrance gate at the Justice Akbar Mawatha. The bridge consists of 4.6m width two pedestrian walkways and it will facilitate for UDA liner park connection across the Beira Lake. Continuity of the linear park along the west Beira Lake each bank will be fulfilled by this Bridge. This is only private bridge ever constructed allowing for multi vehicles in the Sri Lanka over the National water body. The project has overlooked by the Balmond Studio UK as the Engineer to the contract on behalf of John Keells PLC.

The bridge consists of steel super structure and designed and manufactured by Centunion S.A in Spain. It consists of 03 bridges of with two lanes each and bridge no.01 and 02 goes to level 01 and middle bridge goes to level 01 of Hotel building. It was build following the proposed finished level of Justice Akber Mawatha and Waterfront building. Also the bridge is in esthetically high end since it is grand entrance of multibillion super luxuries mix development. All the Walkways consist of granite and fascia has been titanium finished. The entire bridge and approach is light-up with 25m height mast with 06 nos powerful flood lights. Either side of angled side walls are eliminated with LED stripe which has camouflage in the granite.

Temporary earthen platform (cofferdam) over 3000 cubes of imported soil was required to make platform by filling Beira lake for the construction of bored piling, erection of steel super structure and bridge deck construction. Two platforms were constructed at Justice Akbar Mw and Waterfront Building side, each one is more than 1000m2. Though two platforms were constructed, Beira Lake normal water flow was not disturbed because having 15m gap between above two platforms. Temporary steel bridge was made to connect these platforms. Cofferdam removal is done by Dredger and critical challenge faced due to inadequate space for collecting pit. Also it was very difficult to transport due to wet condition and nowhere to keep it became dry. Construction of Piling and Super structure erection was much challenge due to lack of space since few third party contractors has worked parallel until end of the project and Access Engineering own land was selected to stack steel elements and do trial erections of bridge.

The bridge has integrated to UDA Liner Park at Justice Akbar Mw and either side has been landscaped with automatic drip irrigation system. This landscape has built on two gabion boundary walls at each side starting from lake bed (-1.2m MSL) and all the finished has complied to UDA standards and specification under Liner Park Development.

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