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Importance of implementing counselling in an Organization.

In our fast-paced, stressful world, it’s not unusual for an organization to have some employees struggling with workplace-related stress or personal issues. These problems can affect an employee’s work performance through lowered productivity levels, increased absenteeism and tense relationships with coworkers. One effective solution is to offer an employee assistance program that includes workplace counseling.

It is important to find out the current situation of the employees working in the origination in order to implement programs and activities to help the staff to overcome difficult situations. The cover of such a program needs to be broad as a counseling service is a critical human need in this present world. This is because there can be different issues that can affect the personal life which can be adversely affected to his or her performance at work. The organization needs to identify the current issues within the organization and evaluate which problems arise due to employee issues that can be solved through counseling. The implementation of counseling services into a corporate culture, creates numerous benefits in a company’s organizational performance in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operational process.

Effective Job Diversification

A workplace councilor will be able to identify the job role of each employee and make a comparison of the work load of each employee in a similar capacity. The organization will be able to use this to make sure all the employees are loaded with the same amount of work for each category of position.

Improve the performance of the employees

Counseling will also help the employees to resolve their problems in the work place and will help identify the personal issues in order to resolve them or to get the necessary help for the counselor so that they can manage the issues strategically..

Help employees in developing  their personality

Through the professional advice and guidance from counselors employees will have the chance to identify the weaknesses of their personality and address them effectively. For example if a person is overly shy or reserved counseling can help the person to  engage with public speaking and provide the necessary tools to build social relationships in order to progress successfully in their careers.  

Help employees have a better work-life balance

Employees must be happy for a company to generate profits. If an employee is facing a lot of difficulties in maintaining a work life balance it can negatively effect and demotivate them which can negatively impact the organizational growth. Counseling session help employees organize themselves and set up a better work life balance through the guidance provided.

To reveal hidden problems of the office

There can be certain occasions where employees may get harassed verbally, sexually, or in other ways. In such circumstances the impacts can affect the victims being abused and lead them into depression but also deteriorate the culture at the workplace leading to larger problems in the future. These types may otherwise be hidden which is both dangerous to the health of the individual employee as well as to the future of the company. Addressing these problems strategically and timely through counseling can avoid such situations and the incidents that may occur as a result.

Helps to understand yourself in a more broader way

Counseling does not just provide advice, it helps employees understand or look at the problems they are facing in a different way. This approach is key to helping employees solve their current issues as well as prepare themselves to face other challenges in life.

Will help to identify your goals

Counseling also helps to identify employees’ goals in a more effective way. Since counseling creates an open forum for the employees to discuss the strengths and weaknesses with the counselor, it automatically opens a path for the employees to create achievable goals which he or she can reach based on their capabilities.   

Content Submitted by Ishanka Kaluarachch

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