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School Chairs and Desks Distribution Program

In an effort to contribute towards the development of rural schools and the uplifting the rural education, AEL donates school desks and chairs to underprivileged schools in the country. The objective behind the project is to improve the learning environment of rural schools.

The project was implemented in three different phases:

  • Make a better use of the scrap/waste materials disposed from construction projects.
  • Industry advancement through facilitation of monetary support and other support to the trainees at Homagama Technical College.
  • Facilitation of rural education through provision of required classroom infrastructure.

Following the project, tons scrap material, including scrap steel are collected and traded to an external party. These funds are directly transferred to the CSR fund.

Simultaneously a Vocational Training Program was developed in collaboration with Homagama Technical College for the purpose of industry advancement through the facilitation of training and development of rural youth. All material and equipment are provided for the training program and to the trainees at the Homagama Training College.

A special incentive scheme is also arranged to encourage participation as well as to sustain the carpentry and welding industries. Trainees in return fabricate desks and chairs adhering to strict specifications issued by the Ministry of Education. As at the 31 March 2019, we have distributed 1,740 pairs of desks and chairs among a selection of 50 schools around the island.

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