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Site Health & Safety during COVID-19

COVID 19 epidemic threatened, not only the human health but also the country’s economy, where it’s time for all industries to function in a controlled environment, to uplift the economy & the living standards of the country. Among all industries, construction industry plays a vital role in the country’s economy, and hence it has to function with adequate control measures, where following describes a set of control measure for the construction sites, to operate in the current context.

General controls

  • Make the workers aware about the symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, nose running, and sore throat)
  • Create awareness among the workers abou the way the virus spreads out; through the droplets of a contaminated person. Specially through the droplet’s spreads after coughing, sneezing, touching the surfaces by the contaminated hands of a contaminated person
  • Make the workers  aware about the protective measures which needs  to be practiced within the site; clean hands often with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds; wash and disinfect hands; before and after meals, after using washrooms, after being in common areas and handling common objects; avoid touching nose, eyes, mouth (as far as possible)
  • All the stsff and workers must wear masks all the time and gloves whenever required
  • Advice workers; not to report to work and immediately inform the superior, if they are sick with above mentioned symtoms in order to avoid close interactions/ contacts with others
  • Monitor body temperature of all employees, with no exemption (including the personnel who monitor the temperature)
  • Train workers/ employees on how to safely use, and  dispose the masks and gloves
  • Facilitate washing/ sanitizing facility near the fingerprint machines and doors
  • Preparing  a  separate room to  isolate  any suspected worker until transporting him/her to the hospital

Entrance to the premises & security management

  • All security officers, shall wear masks and gloves
  • The declaration of health condition shall be obtained from all workers who report to work for the first time or reporting to work after shutdown/ leave
  • Check the body temperature of all personnel, prior entering the site (if the temperature exceeds 37°C do not allow the person to enter the site)
  • Thoroughly wash hands at the entrance with soap and running water
  • Declaration of the health condition shall be obtained from all visitors via the visitor questionnaire
  • Do not let, unwell personnel to enter the site
  • All security officers shall be trained to perform the above said duties

Operations of the site

  • Advice workers not to gather and interact, and to maintain an safe distance while engaging in interactions.
  • Prevent using the same tools by several workers, without cleaning (disinfecting)
  • Staff/ worker shall only wear their own personal protective equipment
  • Take necessary actions (e.g. barricading, etc.) to separate workers engagement with the public  (specially in road projects)
  • When deliveries are made ensure that the external drivers are not getting out of the vehicle (arrange necessary initiatives to load and unload the delieveries without external party interactions)
  • Provide separate water bottles for evey employee (with identifiable number system)
  • Tool box, operational committee and other technical meetings, shall be conducted only with key personnel, and the relevant information shall be communicated downwards the hierarchy
  • Minimize handling paper works, instead make use of soft copies as far as possible
  • Do not permit visitors to get entered to the construction/ operation areas

Staff/ Worker management

  • Minimize the face to face meetings/ interactions among staff, client, customers
  • Minimize the number of staff at office, by requesting staff to attend work from home, wherever feasible.
  • Staff shall only be limited to use their own laptops, telephones, tables, equipments etc.,
  • Minimize gatherings of workers (e.g. Minimize the number of workers attending the common areas at the same time)

Accommodation management

  • Facilitate accormodation while ensuring  safety measures
  • Increase ventilation within the accommodation premises
  • Display the list of names who are accommodated, and prohibit entrance for visitors who are not included in the list
  • Avoid sharing common objects such as towels, cups, soap etc.
  • Provide adequate washing and toilet facilities and clean/ disinfect frequently


  • Provide transport facilities to staff/ workers (whenever possible)
  • All staffs/ workers, shall clean their hands before getting into the vehicle and,  must wear a  mask
  • Encourage staff to use their own vehicle, if possible
  • The driver shall wear a mask all the time, and keep a sanitizer within the vehicle

Provision of food

  • Check the health conditions of the kitchen staff
  • Workers engaging with food preparation and food serving, shall wear masks and gloves
  • Avoid entering unauthorized personnel to the kitchen
  • Get inspected the food supplier, if food is obtained from outside
  • Avoid mass gatherings in the meal rooms (Allocate different time slots for lunch/ tea breaks etc.)
  • Instruct the employees to sit keeping  one meter distance within the meal room

Cleaning and disinfecting

  • All Cleaning workers shall wear masks, disposable gloves and aprons for all tasks in the cleaning process
  • Clean the meeting room after meetings and every morning before strating the meetings
  • If surfaces are dirty they should be cleaned using a detergent/soap and water prior to disinfection
  • All masks and gloves used shall be disposed without allowing for further contamination by disposing in closed bin
  • Provide sufficient hand sanitizers, tissues, enclosed  trash cans, and frequently clean the common touch points
  • Utilize diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions (with at least 70% alcohol) as per the safety  standards

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