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Engineering Marvels

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is also known as the The Giant Egg due to its elliptical shape. This is an art centre containing an opera house located in Beijing China.  This magnificent building is designed by Paul Andreu, a French architect, is the largest theatre complex in Asia. The NCPA is semi- elliptical in appearance, with a long axis length of 212.20 meters in the east-west direction, a short axis length of 143.64 meters in the north-south direction, a height of 46.285 meters, an area of 119,900 square meters, and a total construction area of approximately 165,000 square meters.

The exterior of the NCPA is a steel structural shell. The large theatre shell is made up of more than 18,000 pieces of titanium metal plates, covering an area of more than 30,000 sq. m. (320,000 sq ft), only four parts are the same shape and more than 1,200 pieces of ultra-white transparent glass form a massive shell of 36,000 square meters. The titanium metal plate is specially oxidized, and its surface metallic lustre is much textured and said to have a consistent colour for 15 years. Pedestrians need to enter the performance hall from an 80-meter underwater passage. The underground depth of the NCPA is as tall as ten stories high, and 60% of the building area is underground. It is the most in-depth underground project of public buildings in Beijing. The deepest place is 32.5 meters, which is directly below the stage of the opera hall.

This magnificent engineering marvel is not supported by pillars. The outer layer of the dome coated with nano materials, and when the rain falls on the glass surface, it will not leave water stains. At the same time, nanotechnology also dramatically reduces the adhesion of dust. Moreover Sound Gate technique is also utilized to avoid the sound disturbances between theater to theater and theater to outside. The beautiful National Grand Theater is not only quite stunning to the eye but is also an engineering marvel itself.

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