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HR Forum

We believe that Human Capital is the critical success factor & most valued non monetized capital behind our success. Company is growing at a rapid phase & in order to facilitate that growth human resource functions of the company also should grow in the same phase.

“HR Forum” is one such as initiative that the company originated to enhance knowledge of HR professionals in the company. First HR Forum was held in Sri Lanka foundation Institute with the participation of more than 40 HR professionals in the company.

Further HR initiatives & processes need to be changed and difficulties facing in the site level HR personnel were discussed in a forum headed by Senior General Manager – Mr. V. K. Manatunge. Discussions of the company policies also got a significant attention by the participants.

In order to provide new insights to the team, Mr. Ajith Bopitiya ; a veteran in the Sri Lankan HR industry
shared his thoughts under the topic of “Modern HR practices” was important. HR Forum is ongoing initiative & will held in once in two to three months.


Continuous improvement of business processes will lead to increase the efficiency of business where Employees have a responsibility in providing insights to the management regarding what needs improved & what need to be
changed etc. Parallel to the open door policy, corporate HR department has launched two online platforms
to provide solution to employee concerns to make Access a great place to work. Employees can provide their concerns regarding insurance through “Online Feedback – Health Insurance Platform” once they experience the service. The
other one is “Online Exit Interview” mechanism where feedbacks from the employees are obtained so that they could be used to improve the status of the company’s Processes.


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