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In-site innovative technologies practiced at the construction of Housing Project for Government Employees at Borella

We at the Urban Regeneration Project in Borella have come up with a few innovative ideas to both reduce the cost of the project and its environmental impact, making it more environment friendly. These ideas are as follows:

  1. The slab concreting process discharges a considerably small quantity of concrete as it pumps concrete up to a significant height using a concrete pump car. In order to re-use this concrete waste which gradually accumulates in to a considerable lots, an environment friendly mechanism was set up. We streamlined a process to use this discharge to produce paving blocks, intels, ledges and blocks. This production was used for multiple requirements within the site and off-site for CSR activities.
  2. A significant quantity of rebar (reinforcing bar) is wasted as offcuts during our work operations. We set up a process to make sure these offcuts are collected and stored in one place primarily to avoid health hazards and then to use them in an environmentally beneficial manner. These offcuts were re-used in later stages of the operations for the lift supports.
  3. Traditional procedure of fixing electrical distribution boxes is to first erect the wall and then break the wall where necessary to fix the distribution boxes. This produces lots of waste materials, air pollution and dust generation. To mitigate this issue, we came up with an innovative idea of using bricks to leave space for the distribution boxes instead of cement blocks
  4. Another idea we have come up with is using construction waste for the purposes of backfilling. Construction sites discharge piles of construction waste on daily basis which causes substantial transportation cost on disposal.  Looking out for vendors and selling these wastage to them is again a time consuming and tedious task. In order to mitigate these issues, we decided to bring down the construction waste produced in upper floors in barrel shooters to one designated area. The waste was then sorted and was used for backfilling purposes saving a lot of time and money spent on transportation.
  5. All over the world people produce organic, plastic, and other types of waste. In order to address the garbage issue, especially the ones which are hard to be recycled, the meal delivery system at site level was changed from lunch packets which were prepared in different accommodations, to a buffet. With the change of the system, the disposal of lunch sheets has completely reduced and there is a considerable drop in food wastage as well. In Sri Lanka  food wrapping  sheets are being used in  millions every day and  is there a solution for these sheets  as this has become a major problem in Sri Lanka

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